birria de setas 220g
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PLANTIA Birria with Mushrooms 220g

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Mushrooms prepared in the birria style.


  • Vegetable stew without soy, natural, healthy and sustainable.
  • 2 year shelf life.
  • Without conservatives.
  • Produced locally in our community by the Perez family from Zacapoaxtla, Puebla.


We believe in local, fair and sustainable trade, so all our ingredients come from the Puebla countryside. Due to its sterilization process, it does not require preservatives and has a useful life of 2 years ✔

Because flavor matters, we have prepared our products in rich, vegetable dishes. They are natural, healthy, sustainable, with an exquisite flavor and locally produced in our community.

Mushrooms, portobellos and mushrooms produced locally by the Perez family from Zacapoaxtla, Puebla ♥

Nutritional information

Setas birria


Empty the contents of the jar into a pan and cook to taste.