Soyamigo Soya sabor Pescado 185g

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Soyamigo Fish Flavored Soy 185g

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    Soyamigo Fish flavor 185 g

    Ready-to-prepare dehydrated food made from fish-flavored textured soybeans.


    • Quick and easy to cook, delicious natural flavors with variety of recipes.
    • Serves 6 once prepared.
    • Ideal for the whole family.
    • High 100% vegetable protein, contains fiber, free of saturated fat, low in sodium.
    • Natural ingredients, spices and seasonings. 
    • Without animal meat, without cholesterol, without preservatives, without colorants, without hormones, without trans fats.
    • It does not contain stamps.

    At Soyamigo we bring the benefits of this little seed to your palate with a delicious flavor. To incorporate into the diet: VEGETAL PROTEINFREE OF SATURATED FATS, RICH IN FIBER, with vitamins and minerals. These nutrients can help lower cholesterol levels and therefore prevent heart problems. In addition to helping in cases of obesity and diabetes, thanks to its LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX.

    Nutritional information

    Soyamigo pescado


    In a container, mix the contents of the package thoroughly with 1.5 cups of water (375 ml) and let it rest for 10 min.

    For ideas of dishes you can visit the section of  Soyamigo Fish flavor recipes.

Customer Reviews

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Gilda Romero
Trío de pollo, pescado y picadillo

Estoy satisfecha con el producto.
En proceso de aprender cómo cocinarlo.

German Antonio Lopez Salinas
Excelente servicio

El servicio fue excelente, atención al cliente me contactó debido a un tema con mis datos y entregaron el pedido de forma correcta. Los productos cómo siempre de excelente calidad.

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